Monday, 30 June 2008

Democratic vandals

60 cars were vandalised by anti-Obama supporters in Flordia last night, near Orlando City Hall.

This blog is not sure what is worse. That business cards left behind suggest Hilary supporters are responsible for this, or that the vandals spelt Obama wrong (It was spelt Oboma. Fucktards.)

Surely this is a time to remember what is important; that the draconian/Repbulican party are voted out.

Lets have no more of this in fighting. Or bad spelling. Or poor grammar.

And for the record, in his book Obama admitted to taking cocaine, not crack.

Of course, it could always have been Draconian supporters trying to make it look like Democratic in fighting.

Isn't specualtion fun?

Barack vs McCain round 1

Polish migrants are to England what hispanic migrants are to America.

In short, the westerners economy would be fucked without their cheap labour. They're also a good vote to have on your side, Mr McCain. (Look, you should know who he is, this blog will not link to him!)

Despite isolating himself from his draconian, sorry, Repbulican party by not blaming everything on immigration, he hasn't stood behind it either.

At a rally Mr. McCain waffled about the importance of Mexican immigrants but said that "America must secure her borders."

First of all, saying that "her" borders are unsecure makes her sound like a whore. And she's not. She's a country.

Secondly, don't bite the hands that feed you. Bush would have been screwed without those votes.

Then Obama accused him of flip flopping and not sticking to his policies.

Look, this blog is really behind Obama. But he will be subject to the same scrutiny as everyone else. So, on that note:

Kettle, pot and black senator Obama. Saying change a lot does not make it a policy.

Yes, I'm sure you're a breathe of fresh air, and I can't believe some of the racism being thrown in your direction.

But really, the only reason you haven't flip flopped is because you haven't announced a controversial policy that you may well back out of at the last minute.

Put some balls into it and publicise what you stand for, not how you would go about achieveing it.

A shambles in Africa

So, Mugabe's loyalty to democratic values remains as sporadic as my blogging.

Sorry, self-centered I know, but then, this is blogland.

Right then, back to Mugabe.....

The man once responsible for Zimbabwe's colonial liberation looks set to send it back into colonialisation. Except this time, it'll be the Chinese who own Zimbabwe's ass.

Safe in the knowledge that neither of these countries will be able to see/arrest me for writing a "dissident" blog, let's look at the cases against them:

1.) Mugabe - Once friend to the Crown and servant to democracy, has morphed into a man denounced by Niaomi Campbell (who knew she read the papers?) as a "modern day hitler".
2.) China - known for locking up journalists/Tibetins/residents who stand in the way of an olympic stadium meets mental African President with an inflation problem.

What's the result I hear you ask? Why, one of them mortgages his entire country's natural resources out to the other.

And then proceeds to blame any attempt to oust him from power as an English conspiracy.

Has that guy seen the front pages recently? Does England look like it has the military resources/time and patience/first fucking clue of how to intervene in Zimbabwe?

Answer: no.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

David Davis jacks it in.

David Davis has resigned as an MP.

That's not just jacking in the illustrious position of shadow cabinet minister, but from the whole hog of politics.

Mr Davis does want to come back to the Commons.

He plans to force a by-election in his constituency. Mr Davis said he wanted to challenge the government against "the slow strangulation of fundamental freedoms of this country by this government."

This blog never thought it would support a Tory, but this is the most punk rock protest we've seen since...well, we can't think of one.

He does attempt to dramatise this by-election by pitching it as a direct challenge to the erosion of freedoms provided by the magna carta.

This is a Machiavellian move as much as it is a principled one.

New Labour's recent arse kicking by the Tories in Crewe and London signalled the beginning of the end for the "3rd way" party.

The Tory party press office must be salivating at this chance to galvanise anti-Labour feeling.

The Lib Dems have refused to put up a candidate against Mr Davis, presumably to lend their support.

Mr Davis may be presenting himself as a single-issue candidate, but his constituents will already be familiar with his work.

But cross roads lie ahead for Mr Davis.

He may well come across as a single issue MP and nobody likes those, (just look at Kilroy Silk).

Or, his constituents could be familiar with his work and give him back the mandate with renewed zeal at his level of conviction.

Or they could just be confused by the entire thing.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Labour needs a hole in the head like a 42 day extension

The 42 day extension vote is upon us and everyone from couture fashion designers to David Davis (his parents are so creul! Who names their child David when their surname is Davis?) arguing against it.

One Labour MP has been quoted saying "Labour need this vote like a hole in the head."

Well the UK needs this legislation like a hole in the head.

This blog has said it once and it'll say it again: There are too many eerie similarties between Lettres de Cachet and this legislation.

There's also an eerie simliarity between Guatanamo bay and the Bastille, but that would disrupt the theme of this blog.

What's important is that Gordon Brown has royally screwed himself with this legislation.

MI5 don't want it, the police don't want it, and suspected terrorists certainly don't want it.

In fact does anyone want it?

This legislation reeks of New Labour's half arsed attempt to appease Conservative middle England.

But because its a half arsed attempt, they come off looking more right-wing than dinner with Michael Howard and Kilroy Silk.

This blog refuese to link to either of them.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Bye bye Hilary

Couldn't neglect my favourite news story from the last 2 weeks.

Bye Hilary, we'll miss you love.

It's a shame your main rival oozed charisma, could easily communicate with voters and looks good in a suit.

You had all your personality sucked out by Bill Clinton and those pearls you seem to insist on wearing. And the less said about those pastels suits you wore the better.

Will she make VP? Hmmm...does anyone really want their President and VP arguing that much?

True she the policies, experience, contacts and general know how. But she also has an unrivalled level of determination. That never mixes well with politics.

Anyway, let us not forget our mantra:

Not McCain, not McCain, not McCain.

While I was sleeping...

Sorry for the delay but the last 2 weeks were taken up by the following:

1.) End of uni stuff projects.
2.) End of uni paperwork.
3.) Being rejected from numerous graduate positions (I've lost count).

It also got worse for Gordon Brown. No one thought it could get any worse, but no, it did.

Boris Johnson won the London election (ugh, why?) and neither MI5 or the police have asked for an extension of terrorism laws.

Hier apparents have been named. Jack Straw, who had just looked happy to be there, now looks confused whenever anyone suggests he should have the job.

David Miliband on the other hand starts salivating whenever his name is mentioned.

Just look at the smug git:

Sorry, wrong one. They're easily confused sometimes:

It doesn't matter. The Tories will be in at the next election. And then my allergy to Eton boys will be in full swing.