Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Mind your PMQ's.

William Hague vs. Harriet Harman proved to be a highly entertaining showdown. Gordon Brown should leave the country more often.

In the blue corner; former party leader and true blue, William Hague.

He's bald, he's been working with the Tories since he was 14 and his rhetorical wit is unparralled.

In the red corner; the longest serving female MP and followed by rumours of a leadership coup, its Harriet Harman.

Feminist, MP for Peckham and looks a little bit like a pissed off pigeon.

The scene is set as two of Britian's longest standing politicos prepare to do battle.

She backed up Gordon, calling him a man of "true grit and determination". He slagged off Gordon (who hasn't?) taking the piss out of his call for the British people to "stop wasting food". Hague claimed Mr Brown was "passed his sell by date."

She tried to quash rumours of a leadership coup. He tried to stir them up.

She implied he had once drunk too much (18 pints a day). He lapped it up claiming, "none of it was wasted."

All in all it was a good fight. Not really sure if any questions were answered but since this has been an incredibly slow news week, proved an interesting distraction.

There's no way you would have got such a good fight between John Prescott and...and...whoever would have been deputy leader under Michael Howard. (intensive goolging produced nothing. Sorry.)

Indeed, this blog would ask commenters to take note of this well phrased, well time and generally amusing bout. This is how insults and insights are done, Brenden. Telling this blog to get a life (What is wrong with the one we've got? There's politics, current affairs and interest in the world at large. Would you rather this blog was ignorant?) and then calling us "a stupid f***ot is not an insult. Its an over used, under imagined cliche.

Where's Louise? She had the decency to ask questions and enter into a debate.

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