Thursday, 10 July 2008

No surprises from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has branded the planned UN sanctions against them "colonial and racist."

This blog wants to see a legal vote of who's not surprised. Everyone?

South Africa is in emergency talks with the UN. Shouldn't they be in emergency military intervention with Zimbabwe?

Anyway, Mugabe will have his assets frozen, which is odd because Switzerland is usually quite warm this time of year.

There will aslo be an arms embargo on Zimbabwe, as well as Mugabe and 13 of his croanies having their right to travel revoked.

Isn't this all too little too late? This blog was under the assumption sanctions were already in place against Zimbabwe. How else can you explain a 2 million% inflation rate?

While this blog fully supports the sanctions, we do hope the UN will do something to help the innocent Zimbabwean's stuck inside the country.

Just because their President is a tyrant doesn't mean they are.

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