Friday, 11 July 2008

David, a Davis and more media coverage.

David Davis has won his by-election campaign. He was up against a beauty queen, a raving loon, and Mad-Cow Gird, from the official monster raving loony party.

While this blog is staunchly liberal and allergic to Tories, we did support Mr Davis in his campaign.

And we still do. What he did was admirable and ballsy.

With criticism of the 42 day extension growing louder by the minute, why there was not more media coverage?

Maybe, deep down, no one wants to admit the Toris are capable of acts of defiant liberalism. This blog knows it doesn't.

But there you go, Mr Davis pulled it off and David Cameron will reap the rewards.

Here was the perfect chance for media scrutiny of a medieval law to go into overdrive. But it didn't.

There weren't any licences up for renewal by any chance?

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