Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another religious controversy for Obama.

Barack Obama has been criticised by the influential civil rights activist, reverand Jesse Jackson for "talking down" to African-Americans.

Rev. Jackson made the rookie mistake of leaving his Fox News (of all networks...why God? Why?) microphone switched on while ranting about Obama.

After saying he "wanted to cut his (Obama's) nuts off" he complained about how Obama had blaimed African-American men for the break down in family life among Black US communities, and not the government.

Obama was going to have to cross the bridge some time; he just isn't radical enough for the grassroots members of the civil rights movement.

It seems America is so divided Presidential candidates have to make a choice; either build grassroots support within the Caucasion community, thus isolating yourself from the African-American community, or visa versa.

Obama seemed to be doing so well at crossing that divide. But, much like Hilary Clinton with feminist grassroots campaigners, Obama will never be seen as radical enough by those who fought for the equality he has come to represent.

This blog is worried; does this mean McCain will win? We're not American, but considering the UK gets dragged into every war they have started post 1945, we would like to say: we need a rest.

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