Friday, 18 July 2008

A week in christianity and a heavy metal monk.

This week the Anglican church faced collapse. Well, going to Lambeth might just do that do you.

World Youth Day (WYD) or Cahtolic woodstock as its dubbed almost squashed free speech in Austrlia.

Then 50 pilgrims were struck down with the flu. What was that about Catholic retribution and divine intervention again?

Anyway, in a week when all that happened, this blog was relieved to stumble over this during some hardcore googling.

Isn't he adorable? If he wants to give a sermon at church you can bet this blog would be front row and centre, head banging until we saw God.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Too little too late

The UN has agreed, in principle (whatever the hell that means) to se up a pannel to investigate the assination of Benazir Bhutto

The former Pakistani PM was assinated in December 2007. Yep, before Austrian cellar creep before the Mark Ronson funk zeitgiest and before Zimbabwe got worse

This is the best they can do? 7 months later they think about setting up a committee?

It's the lamest idea this blog has heard since Monday when Gordon Brown told us to stop wasting food. (so he wants us to eat more? Won't this increase the obeisty rate?)

The UN, once a really good idea, has proved itself to be useless when anything serious needs doing.

How are we supposed to have a global economy if we don't have a global defence against corruption and violence run amock?

Polygamy chic

Remember the yearning for Zion polygamy sect? Google it.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and Hadley Freeman in the G2 (the woman's a goddess) you too can dress like a fundamentalist.

Less risque than a niqab or free Palestine scarf, chances are it'll be mistaken for a maxi dress.

Accessorise with a tongue placed firmly in your cheek.

David, a Davis and more media coverage.

David Davis has won his by-election campaign. He was up against a beauty queen, a raving loon, and Mad-Cow Gird, from the official monster raving loony party.

While this blog is staunchly liberal and allergic to Tories, we did support Mr Davis in his campaign.

And we still do. What he did was admirable and ballsy.

With criticism of the 42 day extension growing louder by the minute, why there was not more media coverage?

Maybe, deep down, no one wants to admit the Toris are capable of acts of defiant liberalism. This blog knows it doesn't.

But there you go, Mr Davis pulled it off and David Cameron will reap the rewards.

Here was the perfect chance for media scrutiny of a medieval law to go into overdrive. But it didn't.

There weren't any licences up for renewal by any chance?

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another religious controversy for Obama.

Barack Obama has been criticised by the influential civil rights activist, reverand Jesse Jackson for "talking down" to African-Americans.

Rev. Jackson made the rookie mistake of leaving his Fox News (of all networks...why God? Why?) microphone switched on while ranting about Obama.

After saying he "wanted to cut his (Obama's) nuts off" he complained about how Obama had blaimed African-American men for the break down in family life among Black US communities, and not the government.

Obama was going to have to cross the bridge some time; he just isn't radical enough for the grassroots members of the civil rights movement.

It seems America is so divided Presidential candidates have to make a choice; either build grassroots support within the Caucasion community, thus isolating yourself from the African-American community, or visa versa.

Obama seemed to be doing so well at crossing that divide. But, much like Hilary Clinton with feminist grassroots campaigners, Obama will never be seen as radical enough by those who fought for the equality he has come to represent.

This blog is worried; does this mean McCain will win? We're not American, but considering the UK gets dragged into every war they have started post 1945, we would like to say: we need a rest.

No surprises from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has branded the planned UN sanctions against them "colonial and racist."

This blog wants to see a legal vote of who's not surprised. Everyone?

South Africa is in emergency talks with the UN. Shouldn't they be in emergency military intervention with Zimbabwe?

Anyway, Mugabe will have his assets frozen, which is odd because Switzerland is usually quite warm this time of year.

There will aslo be an arms embargo on Zimbabwe, as well as Mugabe and 13 of his croanies having their right to travel revoked.

Isn't this all too little too late? This blog was under the assumption sanctions were already in place against Zimbabwe. How else can you explain a 2 million% inflation rate?

While this blog fully supports the sanctions, we do hope the UN will do something to help the innocent Zimbabwean's stuck inside the country.

Just because their President is a tyrant doesn't mean they are.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Mind your PMQ's.

William Hague vs. Harriet Harman proved to be a highly entertaining showdown. Gordon Brown should leave the country more often.

In the blue corner; former party leader and true blue, William Hague.

He's bald, he's been working with the Tories since he was 14 and his rhetorical wit is unparralled.

In the red corner; the longest serving female MP and followed by rumours of a leadership coup, its Harriet Harman.

Feminist, MP for Peckham and looks a little bit like a pissed off pigeon.

The scene is set as two of Britian's longest standing politicos prepare to do battle.

She backed up Gordon, calling him a man of "true grit and determination". He slagged off Gordon (who hasn't?) taking the piss out of his call for the British people to "stop wasting food". Hague claimed Mr Brown was "passed his sell by date."

She tried to quash rumours of a leadership coup. He tried to stir them up.

She implied he had once drunk too much (18 pints a day). He lapped it up claiming, "none of it was wasted."

All in all it was a good fight. Not really sure if any questions were answered but since this has been an incredibly slow news week, proved an interesting distraction.

There's no way you would have got such a good fight between John Prescott and...and...whoever would have been deputy leader under Michael Howard. (intensive goolging produced nothing. Sorry.)

Indeed, this blog would ask commenters to take note of this well phrased, well time and generally amusing bout. This is how insults and insights are done, Brenden. Telling this blog to get a life (What is wrong with the one we've got? There's politics, current affairs and interest in the world at large. Would you rather this blog was ignorant?) and then calling us "a stupid f***ot is not an insult. Its an over used, under imagined cliche.

Where's Louise? She had the decency to ask questions and enter into a debate.